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Virtual Reality (VR)

Find out more about training, workshops and coaching in VR

Why Virtual Reality

In a therapeutic context, VR has been researched and used successfully for many years. Scientific studies have proven that VR experiences can be used very effectively in dissolving obstructive beliefs and blockages or even fears. The successes here often even surpass those of the classic methods. Even a few experiences in VR can achieve fundamental and lasting effects.

In addition, VR enables individual or team experiences that could not be implemented in the real world or only with a lot of effort and high costs.

Working in VR is worth it, because: 

  • The location-independent collaboration saves costs (e.g. travel expenses) and opens up new possibilities for collaboration

  • Closeness is felt despite physical separation 

  • By shielding from external stimuli, it enables a high level of concentration and thus high effectiveness

  • It offers completely new possibilities for changing perspectives, swapping roles and much more

  • It enables playful and sustainable learning - which in turn increases the impact of coaching and training in VR compared to other approaches

  • It can optimally support agile and hybrid working models 

  • AND: It is just a lot of fun!!


Trainings and Workshops in Virtual Reality

Although online formats (e.g. via Zoom, Teams and Co) have established themselves as an accepted alternative to face-to-face events. However there are also limitations. Learning and working in VR is often more sustainable and effective. The immersion effect of VR can be used in a targeted manner - for example with the use of 360 videos. 

Especially, but not only in times when travel is restricted, VR is a great alternative way of working, especially for teams that are physically separated. 

When implementing training courses and workshops or agile forms of project work, the special features of VR must be taken into account. The content and methods need to be adapted to achieve the best results. Working with professional VR Trainers and Coaches who truly understand  their craft and are committed to high quality standards is highly recommended. 


To run workshops and trainings in VR you of course need VR headsets for all participants. Supported by specialized partners those headsets can be easily rented either just for an event or for a longer period of time. 


Coaching in VR

Coaching in VR makes it possible to dive into new worlds regardless of location. 

It can also be combined well with other forms of coaching live-online or face-to-face offline. Properly implemented VR coaching approaches can be even more effective than standard methodologies. 

Among others topics such as overcoming mental barriers and fears, increasing confidence (e.g. when speaking or in specific challenging situations at work) conflict management, decision-making challenges are particularly suitable to be addressed with the support of VR.

Team coaching can also be optimally implemented in VR. This can be an especially interesting option for teams that are working together across multiple locations. 

If you already have your own VR glasses, this is ideal and is also recommended. However, it is not a prerequisite, since headsets can also be rented.


Try it yourself!

VR has to be experienced, because experience is more convincing than theory. To hear someone describing the test of a mango ist not the same as tasting it yourself. 

Interested in a VR introductory workshop?  

Whether purely virtual (headsets are sent to participants) or physically on site. 

Reach out via this contact form to find out more. 

In case you are interested to buy your own VR headset, we are happy to provide you with some guidance on the options you have and pros and cons. 

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