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More about my approach

My coaching approach is goal-oriented and is individually tailored to the needs of the coachee. The number of sessions required depends entirely on the individual case (a typical length is 5-10).
I work with my coachees along various phases (exploration, planning, implementation), grounded in my background in Psychology and on the basis of a scientifically sound coaching concept. 

Teams benefit from tailor-made coaching support for their current challenges.

The sessions are usually 60 min long and can take place live online or analog. VR Coaching sessions can be integrated into the coaching journey.  VR coaching offers completely new possibilities for a change of perspective, learning from experience and finding clarity. Of course, the various formats can be combined.


Individual Coaching Occasions

My focus here is on business coaching. Typical coaching occasions for my clients are: 

  • Decision making challenges

  • Professional (re)orientation

  • Leadership style and leadership challenges

  • Overcoming fears, obstacles or doubts

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Dealing with change

  • Understanding and resolving conflicts

  • Support for role sharing models (e.g. part time, leadership role sharing)

Team Coaching​

Among other things, and not only because of the increasing importance of New Work, progressive digitization and new flexible forms of cooperation,  new challenges arise for teams and managers. 

As a coach, I support teams and individuals to best navigate through this change.

Reach out to book a free first consultation session. 

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