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Leverage the possibilities of Virtual Reality  for you and your team

By 2030, 23 million jobs worldwide will be influenced by AR/VR. In Germany, every 100th person would come into contact with this technology professionally (PWC study).

The technical possibilities continue to develop at a rapid pace. VR is no longer a niche application. 

The  numerous advantages of VR are convincing more and more companies to use them for themselves for various different use cases such as  training, organizational development and collaboration. 

Are you ready to leverage the Opportunities of Virtual Reality for yourself and your team?


Contact me and I will be happy to support you on your journey. 

My offer

Fell free to contact me to find out more about any of the services offered below.  


Introduction of VR

From getting to know the opportunities of VR in an introductory workshop to establishing it in the company as another tool for digital collaboration. We are here to support. 

Trainings and Workshops in VR

From a short half-day workshop to  training concepts specially developed for your objectives. VR complements the classic approaches of live online and offline trainings and can also be easily combined with them.
We will create an individual offer for your specific needs.


Coaching in Virtual Reality

Benefit from Coaching sessions in Virtual Reality reach your coaching objectives more effectively and quicker. Coaching in VR is offered in addition to online coaching.   

Organizational development

Leveraging Virtual Reality applications to support organizational change processes specifically for the topics of New Work and Customer Focus.



Engaging keynotes covering the following topics: How can VR be applied for collaboration, change management and training? Which hardware and software is necessary? What is the immersion effect and what is the best way to use it? How can VR be used to onboard new employees? What role can 360 degree videos play?

Metaverse, Web3 and VR: buzzwords or game changers?


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it


Write me a message - no matter whether you have a question, an appointment request or just want to get in touch. 

Thank you for your message!

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