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Psychology meets technology

After reading the book "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman, I wanted to study psychology. His message: The best intellect is useless without an intact emotional life, because both systems, the emotional and rational, are in constant, highly complex interaction. 

A similarly exciting interaction exists between the relatively small proportion of conscious and the large proportion of unconscious processes in each of us. And the same is true for companies. From the perspective of an organizational psychologist I was able to get to the bottom of some of those unconscious processes. And as a coach I am always aiming to help my clients raise their level of self-consciousness and understanding of their own goals, strengths and mental barriers. And thereby unlock the potential for positive changes. 

In 9 years in the financial services industry  I was able to combine theory with practice as a specialist and manager. In concrete terms, this included the implementation of a global initiative for more customer focus. It brought me as an Inhouse Consultant to various European countries, the USA and Latin America and thought me a lot about successful change management and intercultural differences. After the successful implementation of the project I took over global responsibilities for the topic. 

How can customer empathy and centricity be increased in the company? The topic has also occupied me in the tech industry for almost 9 years now. And I have always asked myself how new technologies can be used for existing challenges. It doesn't matter whether it's  about an internal corporate culture change towards more customer focus or about establishing New Work concepts.


My path into the virtual world

As part of my work in the tech industry and in market research, I came into contact with augmented and virtual reality quite early on. 

Right from the start I was fascinated by the possibilities it offered.

The relevance of digital collaboration has increased and hybrid work is the new normal in many places. I am convinced that VR - used correctly - offers many advantages here. 

Once one of the very first train-the-trainer certifications that combined theoretical with practical knowledge was offered in Germany, I signed up for it immediately.

With great enthusiasm and based on in-depth knowledge and a strong professional network, I now support companies and teams to leverage the potential of all the amazing opportunities associated with VR.

Competences and certificates

In addition to my many years of work experience, the basis of my work is also my academic background and further education. 


Graduate Psychologist

Diploma in Psychology
Georg-August-University of Goettingen

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